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Council tax support income band scheme

When working out an award we place customers into a discount band according to their assessed weekly income.

Anyone on a passported benefit (such as Income Support, income based Jobseekers Allowance and income related Employment and Support Allowance) will be put into band 1.

Discount (income band) Single people Couple no children Couple with one child Lone parent with one child Couple with two children Lone parent with two children
80% 1 £75.00 £115.00 £165.00 £125.00 £215.00 £175.00
70% 2 £125.00 £165.00
£215.00 £175.00 £265.00 £225.00
55% 3 £175.00 £215.00 £265.00 £225.00 £315.00 £275.00
40% 4 £225.00 £265.00 £315.00 £275.00 £365.00 £325.00
25% 5 £275.00 £315.00 £365.00 £325.00 £415.00 £375.00
10% 6 £325.00 £365.00 £415.00 £375.00 £465.00 £425.00
  • this scheme only affects people of working age. Our local scheme is called Council tax support (CTS)
  • the maximum rebate for 2019/20 will be 80% of a band D property
  • you cannot get CTS if you have over £6,000
  • a flat rate non-dependent deduction of £5.00 will apply for each non-dependant in the household, regardless of their income. However, we will not apply a deduction if the customer is getting PIP or DLA
  • we will disregard Carers Allowance in full from the income used to work out CTS
  • single care leavers up to age 25 with no children can get 100% instead of 80% if they are in Income Band 1
  • we will disregard the Housing Element included in a Universal Credit award as income
  • we will apply a weekly disregard of £50 from the income used to work out CTS for each child where there are more than 2 children in the household
  • we will apply a weekly disregard of £50 from the income used to work out CTS for customers who would previously have met the qualifying conditions for the disability premium