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Operating for Direct Earning Attachment

We will send you a letter (officially called a notice) that tells you to apply a DEA for your employee and gives you the information you will need. This includes:

  • the name and address and national insurance number of the person from whose wages you will make the deduction
  • if we have it, their staff number, pay roll number or similar identifying number
  • the percentage rates at which deductions are to be made
  • the proportion of their wages which is protected¬†
  • when to send us payments
  • the address to which you are to send the payments if you are going to pay by cheque
  • details of the account into which the payments are to be transferred if you are paying us by direct credit transfer

When you receive the notice, you need to check your employee earns enough to allow a deduction to be made. If they do, work out how much to take from their earnings using the information we provide.

When you have taken the money, you must pay it over to Somerset West and Taunton within the set time. We will ask you to make payments in line with your payroll, so if your employee is paid weekly or monthly, you should pay us at the same time. However if your employee is paid weekly you must still work out and deduct the payment every week, but you can pay us four weekly if you prefer.

Please let us know if you will be doing this by telephoning 0300 304 8000 .