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Apply to buy the exclusive right of burial

The owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial is the person responsible for authorising all burials and memorials for a grave space. Buying the Rights does not mean that the buyer owns the land. This still belongs to the burial authority.

You can buy the Exclusive Right of Burial in Wellington, St Mary’s or Taunton Cemetery. To do this, download the grave purchase application form, print it and complete it, then upload it and email it to Alternatively, it can be posted to The Bereavement Services Team, Taunton Crematorium, Wellington New Road, Taunton, TA1 5NE.

If you’d like to see the spaces we have available and choose one yourself, please contact the Crematorium Office to book an appointment.

The Rights can be bought through us for 75 years or 100 years. After this time, they return to the council and the previous owner would no longer be able to authorise interments or memorials.

If the owner passes away, the Rights still remain in their name and do not automatically pass to the surviving next of kin. The next of kin would need to contact the burial authority in writing and request the Rights are transferred to a new owner. If the owner has no surviving partner, all their children would have to agree on any future interments or memorials.

You may find it easier to nominate one sibling to take on these responsibilities. The same would then happen with grandchildren if there were no surviving children of the original owner. Our grave ownership or deed transferral page has more details.

There are further fees and charges involved in burial (digging the grave) and permit fees for extra memorials to be put on the grave (subject to grave rules and regulations).

The fee payable for the rights to a grave includes a memorial permit fee; any memorial to be placed upon a grave must be provided by a Monumental Mason registered within our Bereavement Services Scheme.

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