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If you are considering a burial for your loved one, there are a few different things to consider. Please contact the Bereavement Services Team if you are unclear of anything or wish to discuss it in more detail.

You will first need to decide which cemetery you wish to use. We maintain and administer five cemeteries in the Taunton area.

They are:

Each cemetery has specific sections for different types of headstones which you will need to consider before you purchase the grave space (known as purchasing the Exclusive Right of Burial).

These are as follows:

  • St Mary’s new Cemetery, only lawn headstone memorials can be placed on new graves
  • Wellington Cemetery, only lawn headstone memorials can be placed on new graves for both full burials and cremated remains
  • Taunton Cemetery, you may choose from a monolith memorial, lawn headstone or desktop tablet for full burials.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a grave space in our natural section which permits the planting of flowers, shrubs or small trees in place of memorials. Cremated remains graves are available for lawn headstone and desktop tablet memorials.

You will also need to consider who will want to be buried in the grave in the future, as this will depend on the depth we dig the grave. In Taunton Cemetery and St Mary’s New Cemetery, you can have treble, double, or single depth graves. Wellington Cemetery offers single depth digging only.

You are welcome to visit each cemetery to choose a grave space and we would ask that you contact the Bereavement Services Team in advance to make an appointment. These can be purchased for an upcoming burial or purchased in reserve for future use for an additional charge.

Depending on your preferences, you may wish to hold a service for your loved one in our chapel or hold a church service before the burial takes place. Alternatively, you may wish to go straight to the graveside for the entirety of your service. Our Bereavement Services Team take great care when preparing a grave for burial and are always on site to make sure everything runs smoothly for you on the day.

On the day of the burial, the grave will have been prepared for your arrival and sprinkled with rose petals. A member of the Bereavement Services Team will check the nameplate on the coffin to ensure it matches the details we have been given and will lead the Funeral Director to the grave side for the service to begin.

The burial is usually led by a minister or celebrant depending on your preference, with the Funeral Directors and Bereavement Services Staff present to assist on the day. Once the committal has taken place, the coffin is lowered into the ground slowly by pall bearers who will step away to leave you for quiet reflection afterwards. Once all mourners have left the site, the Bereavement Services Staff will gently fill the soil back into the grave and place any flowers on top. Depending on the time of year, they will either cover the grave space with turf or grass seed.

After a couple of months, the soil will be topped up again with new turf or grass seed replaced. This is routine for the team but if you feel it is required more urgently please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Stone Masons typically like to wait between 9-12 months before placing a headstone on a full burial grave so that the ground has time to settle. This may vary depending on the weather, but they will be able to advise you of this. All Stone Masons working in our cemeteries are registered with our Memorial Masons Scheme and most work quite frequently with us. See our Related pages to view the list of Masons working with us.

Memorials for cremated remains graves can be placed at any time, either before the interment or immediately afterwards if you prefer, however you will need to check with the Stone Mason on their availability first.

If you have any questions regarding the burial process, please contact your Funeral Director or the Bereavement Services Team who will be happy to assist you.

If you are searching for the grave of a loved one, view the Discover Ever After website to view all cemeteries.

The Bereavement Services Team are also happy to show you the location if you are on site or can provide maps to the grave you are looking for.

For burials in Wellington, St James, St Mary’s or Taunton Cemetery, you will need to complete a Notice of Interment form before the burial, giving your permission for a grave to be opened. This form will need to be emailed to Alternatively, it can be posted to The Bereavement Services Team, Taunton Crematorium, Wellington New Road, Taunton, TA1 5NE. This will need to be provided three full working days before any planned burial.

You will also need to provide a Deed of Grant for the Exclusive Right of Burial in this grave. If you cannot find this document, page 2 of the Notice of Interment Form, the Indemnity, must be completed by the owner.

We must have consent from the owner of the Grave Rights or, if the owner is deceased and is the person being buried, their next of kin should provide us with authorisation to bury. 

If the owner of the Grave Rights is deceased and is not the person being buried, a Transfer of Grave Ownership will need to take place before any burial can be authorised. Please speak with the Bereavement Services Team directly who will assist you with the necessary documentation.

You will also need to provide the burial authority with the Registrar’s Certificate.

If you want to have the burial service in the Crematorium chapel before the burial, this will need to be booked and arranged in advance to make sure the chapel is available for you. You can also contact Bereavement Services to book an appointment with the chapel technician to discuss any specific requirements in more detail.

Summary of forms needed for burial

  • Notice of Interment Form
  • Part B Registrar’s Certificate OR Coroner’s Report
  • Original Deed of Grant where available

Natural Burials

Natural burials at Taunton Deane Cemetery are now available.

The natural burial copse allows for full burial at single depth for those who wish for a natural and non-traditional grave. Burials in this section are permitted within a range of coffins made from natural materials available on the market.

To maintain this area in its natural environment, traditional memorials are not permitted, and the area will be maintained as required during the year. A simple wooden memorial to the maximum size of 60cm by 30cm may be permitted upon full specification being provided and authorised by the Crematorium.

Experienced staff can guide you with regards to where a memorial tree or shrub may be planted, together with the variety of species to suit the area.

Please contact the Crematorium Office or speak with your Funeral Director to arrange a suitable time and date for the burial to take place.

If you would like to select the grave space beforehand, please visit the Crematorium Office and a member of staff will be able to show you the available areas.