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Forms of transferring deeds ownership

Form of Assignment

Used by a living owner to transfer or change the ownership of the exclusive Rights of Burial ie to transfer to new owner or add an additional owner.

Grant of Probate

Granted to the executor/s of a Last Will and Testament once a document has been proven in Court. To be legally acceptable we can only accept sight of a “SEALED” Grant; ie it must bear the embossed seal of the court.

Letters of Administration

When a deceased person dies intestate then the next of kin can apply to the Courts to be made Administrator of the estate. An Administrator receives the same powers to administer the estate of the deceased as an executor.

Form of Assent

Used to transfer ownership from an executor or administrator after ownership has been transferred into their name by production of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Statutory Declaration

Used to transfer ownership from a deceased owner when no official documents have been issued. Declarations can be either based on a Will that did not go to probate, claiming ownership by the executor or by the Next of Kin if the deceased left no will.

Form of Renunciation

Used together with a Statutory Declaration when a grave is being claimed by more than one person ie the deceased may have three children and next-of-kin, and one or more of those children wishes to give up their Rights to the ownership. NB Deane Bereavement Service wishes to advise that due to administration restrictions we only accept a maximum of TWO owners.


All certificates supplied with transfer applications must be originals or certified copies (Please note: birth certificates supplied for identification in a Deed Transfer must be a full birth certificate and not a short birth certificate).