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Legal documents for cremation – funeral

Cremation Form 1 Application for Cremation asks for details of the person arranging the funeral as well as details of the deceased, such as name, age, address and details of their GP.

The form also asks what you would like the crematorium to do with the ashes. This is not a decision to be rushed. We suggest that the crematorium holds the ashes until you have made a clear decision, or you collect them and keep them yourself until you know what you want to do. Some crematoriums may charge for holding the ashes.

The Directions form has information relating to the service such as music, officiant and any special requests. This form will need to be downloaded, printed and completed, then uploaded and emailed to Alternatively, it can be posted to The Bereavement Services Team, Taunton Crematorium, Wellington New Road, Taunton, TA1 5NE. Please speak to the Crematorium team before completing this so that they can take you through the available options. You can also contact the Bereavement Services team to book an appointment with the Chapel technician to discuss your requirements in more detail.

You can get Cremation Forms 4 and 5 from the hospital or GP surgery, as long as the cause of death was not unexpected. Form 4 is completed by a doctor who cared for the deceased while they were alive. They pass this to another doctor and they will confirm that they agree with the cause of death. This will need to be brought to the crematorium with the Cremation Form 1.

You will also need to provide the crematorium with the Registrar’s Certificate.

If the death was unexpected, the coroner will be asked to conduct a post-mortem and possibly an investigation into the cause of death. If so, they will provide you with a coroner’s report which you will need to bring to the crematorium with the Cremation Form 1.

Please see the services at Taunton Crematorium page to understand your options available with us.

Summary of forms needed for cremation

  • Direction for Cremation form
  • Cremation Form 1 Application for Cremation
  • Cremation Forms 4 and 5 from Doctors
  • Registrar’s Certificate OR Coroner’s Report