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Planning inquiry - Land at Dene Road, Cotford St Luke starts on 6 December at 10am.

Plaque motifs

Make a note of which motif you would like from the choice below and write its code on the application form for your desired plaque.

Please note the motifs shown here are the only motifs available for the vase holder plaque and the plaque with posy holder. However, you are welcome to request them for any other plaque where a design is available.

Silhouette of a man and a woman ballroom dancing

Code: Dance 1

Silhouette of a boxer dog

Code: Boxer


Code: Butterfly

Church window with a cross on the windowsill

Code: W1

3D cross with branch wrapped around and a star above

Code: C4

Silhouette of a celtic cross

Code: C1

Silhouette of a plain cross

Code: C2

Plain white cross with flowers behind

Code: C3

Person on a bicycle

Code: Cyclist

Silhouette of a dove carrying a branch

Code: D2

Outline of a dove flying

Code: D3

Baby elephant sitting down

Code: Elephant

Person fishing

Code: Fisherman

Silhouette of some daffodils

Code: F4

Silhouette of some fuchsias

Code: F13


Code: F5


Code: F9

Single rose in an oval

Code: F2

Single grey coloured rose

Code: F3

Silhouette of a person kicking a football

Code: F1

Silhouette of a person playing golf

Code: S4

Silhouette of a big heart next to a little heart

Code: Heart 3

Teddy bear hugging

Code: T4

Silhouette of a teddy bear sitting down

Code: T1