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Public health funerals

Public health funerals in this country are paid for by the local authority if the relatives are either unwilling or unable to pay, or where no relatives can be found.

At Taunton Crematorium, everyone is treated equally, however, their service is paid for. We offer any service time available to families and friends and an officiant is always invited to conduct the service, unless we have a specific request not to.

Our Environmental Health team will visit the home of the deceased and try to find any documents such as a will, or evidence of family or friends who need to be told of their death. They will also search for any information relating to their religious beliefs or service preference ie burial or cremation and the team will ensure their wishes are acted upon.

They will contact any known relatives or friends and invite them to make funeral arrangements. If this does not happen, they work with a local funeral director to plan a simple service. Money is then recovered through the deceased’s estate if possible.