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The Garden of Rest

The Garden of Rest is a large, open landscape in the Crematorium grounds. Ashes can be interred here on their own or with loved ones previously interred. A small grave is prepared and the ashes are loosely interred (no caskets or urns are used). Records are kept to show the general area of any interment but it is not possible to identify the exact location of individual cremated remains.

The Garden of Rest provides a focal point for visitors and the ground is not marked by a memorial. This allows the lawn to be kept clear. It is possible to have an interment behind a memorial tablet, or next to an existing tree. It is also possible to have ashes interred within the garden if the cremation did not take place at Taunton Crematorium.

If you decide to witness an interment, a member of our Crematorium staff can conduct a short service at the graveside for you. Please contact the Crematorium office to arrange a suitable date and time for the service to take place. If you don’t want to witness the interment, please let your funeral director or the Crematorium office know and this can be arranged without you being present. You can choose the location of the grave but you would need to do so a couple of days before the interment takes place.