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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice

Covid business support grants

Second National Support Lockdown Support Grant

This grant is for the period of the second National Lockdown, which ran from 5 November 2020 to 1 December 2020.

During that lockdown a significant number of businesses within the rates system were required by law to close in order to manage the spread of coronavirus. This grant is to provide support to those businesses.

Where a business was required to close its main, in-person service but adapts its business to operate takeaway, click and collect or online with delivery services, it will be considered closed and be eligible to receive grants under this scheme This package is to provide support to those businesses and takes the form of a grant and a further one-off Closed Businesses Lockdown Payment.

The Government has published guidance about this scheme (officially known as Local Restrictions Support Grants (Closed) Addendum) on their website which you are encouraged to read.


Businesses that are eligible are those that have been mandated to close by Government during this lockdown and include non-essential retail, leisure, personal care, sports facilities and hospitality businesses.

General exclusions

  • Businesses that are able to conduct their main service because they do not depend on providing direct in-person services from premises and can operate their services effectively remotely (e.g. accountants, solicitors).
  • Businesses that have chosen to close but not been required to will not be eligible for this grant.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, businesses that were in administration, are insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made are not eligible for funding under this scheme
  • Businesses which do not have rated premises (e.g. they are run from home or from shared spaces where someone else is the ratepayer)
  • Businesses which have exceeded the relevant state aid limits

Amount of grants awarded

Payments are based on the rateable value of the business properties as follows:

Rateable value Grant payment
exactly £15,000 RV or under £1,334
over £15,000 RV and less than £51,000RV £2,000
exactly £51,000 RV or above £3,000

A business which has more than one eligible rated business premises in the SWT area is entitled to more than one payment.


  • We will pay the grant to the person, partnership or company who is named as the ratepayer on our records
  • All payments will be made by bank transfer
  • Grant income received by a business is taxable, therefore payments under this scheme will be subject to tax. However, only businesses that make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax
  • These grant payments counts towards state aid limits and are made under the de minimis arrangements (€200,000) or, where this limit has been exceeded, under the Covid-19 Temporary State Aid Framework limit (€800,000),

Please see the Covid Business Support Grants page of our website for details of our approach to identifying businesses which may be entitled to this support.

Data use

Please note that data provided by businesses in relation to these grants may be shared with Government departments on request for specific assurance and analysis purposes. Data may also be securely shared with Government departments, agencies and third party organisations for the specific purpose of prevention and detection of fraud.