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Climate change strategy

Somerset West and Taunton Council adopted the Somerset Climate Emergency Strategy and approved its own Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience (CNCR) Action Plan at Full Council on 26 October 2020.

The five councils in Somerset have published a Somerset Climate Emergency Strategy following a public consultation that took place in January 2020. This Somerset-wide Strategy provides an overview of the key issues facing Somerset and the Councils in relation to the climate emergency and our shared ambition to work towards carbon neutrality for the county of Somerset by 2030, as well as providing a strategic basis for working towards addressing these issues together. The aim of the strategy is to reduce carbon emissions in the county and make Somerset a County resilient to the inevitable effects of Climate Change. The strategy provides some high-level detail explaining what the five councils intend to do to address the most important issues around the Climate Emergency. 

The Council’s own CNCR Action Plan sits alongside the Somerset-wide Strategy as the detail for how this Council proposes to address the specific issues, meet the identified goals and deliver on the outcomes identified within it. It identifies a total of 345 potential actions to progress over the next ten years based on current understandings, but focuses on a Year 1 action plan with Year 2+ routemaps. The Plan will be iterative and reviewed on an annual basis, and as such will evolve as our understanding of what is necessary and possible improves.

The CNCR Action Plan comprises of: