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Planning inquiry - Land at Dene Road, Cotford St Luke starts on 6 December at 10am.

Ecological emergency vision and action plan

In September 2020 Somerset West and Taunton Council declared an Ecological Emergency complementing its Climate Emergency declaration made in February 2019. We have joined forces with Sedgemoor District Council to create an Ecological Emergency Vision and Action plan to address the ecological deterioration within our districts and to lessen our global impact on the natural world by 2030.

Never has the need for change been more critical. Our fragmented habitats and their wildlife are increasingly at risk from human activity including climate change, farming, pollution, land use change, overfishing, pesticide use and deforestation. The declaration of an ecological emergency, and adoption of the vision and action plan commit us to take action to protect and improve habitats and biodiversity across the district.

Our vision is a district where the needs of wildlife, people, and our local economies are integrated in a way that enables nature and communities to thrive now and in the future.

While the vision sets out our ambitions and targets, the action plan provides the practical steps to deliver ecological recovery. It builds on previous work to address the Climate Emergency, but with a specific focus on wildlife and habitats.

There are 21 high level actions, some of which are being delivered right now. For example:

  • Working in partnership with Exmoor National Park to plant more trees across the district;
  • We are installing bird and bat boxes to new and existing council owned residential properties; and
  • We are implementing a grassland strategy to support pollinators and invertebrates.

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