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EScooter trials

Somerset West and Taunton Council declared a climate emergency in February 2019 and since then have been working with Somerset County Council and the other District Councils across the county to produce a countywide climate emergency strategy. Our own Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience action plan sits alongside the strategy and includes actions related to electric vehicles, including EScooters.

Somerset West and Taunton have received approval from the Department of Transport to take part in their EScooter trial, for rental EScooters only. EScooters are an additional form of public transport which allow users to socially distance, they are also a green alternative to using petrol or diesel cars for shorter journeys.

EScooters are permitted on roads, cycle lanes and cycle tracks in trial areas only, they are not permitted for use on pedestrian pathways. Somerset West and Taunton have appointed Zipp Mobility to manage the scheme on our behalf and our scheme went live in Taunton on Friday 30 October, and will run for a period of 12 months.

In order to use one of the rental EScooters you must be aged 16 years or older with a provisional or full driving licence. You will need to download the Zipp App and register for an account, part of this process will include a licence check validation to confirm your eligibility to ride an EScooter.

There are EScooter parking bays located across Taunton, this is where you will find scooters available to hire. Using the App you unlock the scooter, which will cost £1.00, you will then be charged 10 pence per minute to use the scooter. You can collect and return a scooter to any of the parking bay locations.

Free rides for healthcare workers

Zipp Mobility are offering healthcare workers free rides during lockdown, if you work for the NHS and would like to take advantage of this offer please follow the these steps;

Step One – You

  • NHS workers email from your NHS email address and tell Zipp the following;
  • Where you are from Taunton, High Wycombe or Aylesbury
  • Your email address associated with your Zipp account
  • Your phone number associated with your Zipp account (Note: the name on your Zipp account must resemble the name on your NHS email address)

Step Two – Zipp

  • Zipp will send you a promotional code

Step Three - You

  • Input the code in the promotion section of the Zipp app
  • Click pay with card, the code will be applied and your ride will be free

Enjoy your ride and thank you!

EScooter frequently asked questions

EScooter leaflet

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SWT email: