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Recycling on the go pilot

Since declaring a climate emergency in February 2019, Somerset West and Taunton (SWT) Council has adopted the Somerset Climate Emergency Strategy and approved its own Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience (CNCR) Action Plan, which sits alongside the countywide strategy. SWT’s CNCR plan includes actions to facilitate the ease at which people can recycle.

As part of its Recycling on-the-go campaign pilot, SWT is in the process of installing 130 combined public litter and recycling bins across the district.

In addition to litter, dog waste and cigarette butts, the configuration of the new bins enables plastic bottles and aluminium or tin cans to be deposited separately, making recycling on-the-go easier when out and about in rural and urban public spaces.

The Council also recently launched a competition for secondary school pupils to help raise awareness of the new bins and to promote their use through the creation of an informative and engaging poster. The competition is now closed and some great entries have been received, of which SWT’s judging panel of Officers and Councillors are looking forward to announcing the winner in the spring.

With the UK consuming evermore food and drink on-the-go leading to a minimum of 7 billion plastic bottles and 9 billion cans being thrown away each year, staff and Councillors at SWT are cognizant of the need to provide clear and easy-to-use infrastructure to help capture and process these waste streams.