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Waterless urinals

Somerset West and Taunton Council declared a Climate Emergency in February 2019 and since then have been working with Somerset County Council and other district councils across the county to produce a countywide climate emergency strategy. Our own carbon neutrality and climate resilience action plan sits alongside the strategy and includes actions related to water saving measures.

As one of the water saving action points Somerset West and Taunton have been working with industry leaders in waterless urinal technology, Whiffaway, to save water in public and private conveniences. The work involves installing special plumbing outlets, housing chemically impregnated filters onto existing urinals. The filters rapidly neutralise any odours without the need for flushing.

On average, a single urinal uses 120 cubic meters of water a year, with much water being lost through automatic flushes when there is little to no footfall. The switch to waterless system will result in significant water saving.

The following locations have switched over to the waterless systems:

West Somerset Railway Station in Bishops Lydeard Canon Street, Paul Street, Victoria and Vivary Parks in Taunton; and North Street, Wellington Park and Deane Depot, Westpark in Wellington.

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