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Access to employment and learning fund eligibility criteria

  1. The individual benefitting from the fund must be resident of the former West Somerset Local Authority area
  2. Where the individual benefitting from the fund is in employment, their annual income must be less than £25,000 per annum to qualify for the fund
  3. Where the individual is in employment and the fund is to be used to support this employment, they must provide details of their employer. We will contact the employer to confirm employment
  4. The maximum amount that can be claimed per day to cover the cost of travel is £9.00. Mileage can be claimed at 25 pence a mile up to the maximum daily amount and can only be claimed from the individual’s home address to the location of work or training
  5. Where the costs associated with transport are being claimed, the Access to Employment and Learning Fund travel reimbursement form must be completed in addition to the Access to Employment and Learning Fund application form. Receipts must also be attached
  6. Maximum claims must not exceed £300 per learner. However we are happy to discuss applications on a case by case basis
  7. Where costs associated with childcare are being claimed we will not provide funding if such expenses can be funded under existing schemes. We will contact the childcare provider to confirm that you are not eligible for other help before payment is made
  8. Training and Community Learning Providers wishing to access the fund will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement which will specify required outputs and outcomes