Access to employment and learning fund

The Access to Employment and Learning Fund has been developed to help address barriers that prevent local residents from accessing employment and learning opportunities.

The support has been provided as part of Department for Education’s Opportunity Area funding for West Somerset and is only open to residents of the former West Somerset local authority area.

Who it is for and what it covers

The Access to Employment and Learning Fund can be used by residents of the former West Somerset area to address any barriers including, but not limited to:

  • transport - ie to assist with getting to an employment or learning opportunity
  • essential work equipment and work wear - ie Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or interview outfit
  • childcare costs (where these are not covered by existing government initiatives)
  • costs of training or learning

The fund is very flexible. If you have any other barriers to employment or learning which are not listed, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Training and community learning providers may also apply to help deliver learning opportunities to smaller groups of learners, where low numbers make delivery unpractical.

How to Apply

Please refer to the access to employment and learning fund eligibility criteria.

If you believe that you are eligible, download the application form (and, where applicable, the travel reimbursement form), print, complete and upload using our general enquiries online form.

Please note that applications from individuals must be made in partnership with a grant sponsor, ie volunteer manager, training/learning provider, employer or childcare provider etc and evidence of expenditure must be attached.

If you require support to complete your application, please contact us on 0300 304 8000.

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