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Community Grants Awarded

Somerset West and Taunton Council provide a range of grants to support the health and wellbeing of communities across the district.

Grants awarded

As part of the council’s Economic Development operating budget, there is a provision to support arts and cultural activity – one of the council’s strategic priorities.

This budget enables the council to provide some financial support for a range of arts and cultural projects and organisations that are delivering key activity towards the achievement of the objectives set out in the Somerset West and Taunton Council Cultural Strategy.

A fund of £15,000 held by the Tenants’ Action Group, available via grant applications of up to £3,000 to support organisations and projects which seek to improve the lives, health and wellbeing of people aged 0 - 25 years old whose families are tenants of Somerset West and Taunton Council and to help such organisations and projects to become sustainable and more self-sufficient.

Funded by SWTC Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

The Community Chest was a fund of £250,000 made available to help communities recover from the effects of COVID-19. The fund supported one-off initiatives run by the voluntary and community sector, and wider community groups who were unable to secure mainstream funding from the Council or other sources.

A fund of £5,000 held by the Tenants’ Action Group dedicated to improving neighbourhoods via the purchasing of benches or other small items which improve community spaces, usually on recommendation from Officers.

Funded by SWTC Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

Somerset West and Taunton Council have provided a Hardship Fund of £50,000 for use as a means – tested benefit available for application by eligible low-income households resident in SWT.

Taunton Citizens’ Advice and West Somerset Advice will use the fund during 2022/23 to provide financial assistance to low income households unable to pay for essentials due to lack of sufficient means.

The fund will be disbursed to a maximum of £200 per eligible client.

Taunton Citizens’ Advice and West Somerset Advice have received a shared grant of £5,000 to facilitate this provision.

Updated: 27 April 2022

The following additional awards were made in 2021/22.

  • Homelessness reduction grant of £15,000 to Taunton and District CAB for Money and Debt Advice Service for homeless clients
  • Day services support for homeless clients grant of £15,000 to Open Door Centre for homeless clients
  • Accommodation and support services for 16 – 25 year olds in Somerset £25,000 cross county funding in partnership with P2i (Pathway to Innovation)

An annual grant of £41,000 is awarded to Mind in Somerset to provide mental health support to tenants of Somerset West and Taunton Council.

Funded by SWTC Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

An annual grant is awarded to Citizens’ Advice Taunton to provide money matters outreach support in Taunton East, Taunton North and Wellington.

Funded by SWTC Housing Revenue Account (HRA).

An award of £10,000 is made annually to enable Compass Disability Services to run a mobility scheme to provide accessibility in Taunton for those with short or long term mobility impairments. Providing long or short-term hire and servicing of mobility aids.

The Somerset West Lottery is a local lottery run by Somerset West and Taunton Council. The lottery offers registered good causes the opportunity to raise income for their organisation by selling tickets to members of the public. It gives 50p from every £1 ticket sold to local registered good causes with 10p from every ticket sale going into a community grant fund for which local good causes can apply twice yearly.

Additional funding was provided to Citizens’ Advice Taunton and West Somerset Advice to continue to explore and implement opportunities for change and efficiency, to assist in stabilising future services and the SWTC contribution toward the local assistance scheme (LAS).

A contribution of £5,000.00 was made by SWTC toward the central consultation undertaken by South Somerset Citizens’ Advice on sustainability of future advice services in Somerset.

The TYCC funds were given in trust to the former Taunton Deane Borough Council by the TYCC trustees for capital funding of youth projects in Taunton.

Beneficiaries of this fund were:

  • YMCA Taunton
  • Conquest Riding Centre Taunton
  • Actiontrack Taunton
  • Trident Centre, Taunton
  • and six other recipients of smaller grants

Tangier Youth and Community Centre Fund

A fund of £13,000 was allocated for public access defibrillators in Taunton.

Administered in partnership with the Charter Trustees for Taunton and Somerset West and Taunton to fund those capital projects that a Town or Parish Council would typically fund.

The Community Council for Somerset (CCS) have been awarded £20,000 annually since 2017 as a contribution toward the Village Agent scheme in Somerset West and Taunton.

The grant is provided to maintain and support cluster areas within SWTC that had previously been within the boundaries of Taunton Deane, covering this whole area including its urban areas with a minimum of 60 hours per week of Village Agent provision.

Parishes and all urban areas with potential total population covered is approx. 118,000. CCS Village Agents provide confidential, practical community-based solutions free at the point of delivery and can be contacted directly as self-referral or via the GP surgery.

Voluntary Community Sector (VCS) grants provide funding for VCS organisations to work to support the communities across Somerset West and Taunton.

Partnership grants provide funding for:

  • advice services
  • community offices
  • community transport
  • youth services
  • family and children's support
  • recreational and educational activities
  • community buildings advice services

There are funding opportunities for local community groups within SWTC via Somerset West Lottery to sell tickets to raise funds in support of their charity.