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Public consultation draft districtwide design guide

We are now consulting on the draft Design Guide which is a document illustrating the Council’s aspirations for maintaining and improving the design quality across the Somerset West and Taunton area. The consultation will take place from Monday 3 February to Monday 30 March 2020.

The document explains some key principles and demonstrates that many measures to reduce the harmful effects of climate change can be addressed within the context of good design and placemaking. It also attempts to show how current principles of highway design and layout can be incorporated into good placemaking.

The draft Design Guide is intended to be adopted by Somerset West and Taunton Council as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and will be a material consideration in determining planning proposals and applications. The Design Guide will also inform emerging policies within the new joint Local Plan. Views from local communities, businesses and the development industry are therefore important in helping to shape the document for maintaining and improving the quality of design across Somerset West and Taunton.

Why we are consulting

In supplementing adopted policy, the Design SPD will be used by:

  • Planning Officers to assess the design quality of development proposals when determining planning applications and offering pre-application advice;
  • Council members when assessing development proposals in advance of and at planning committee;
  • Applicants and developers when preparing their schemes

We are, therefore, running an eight-week consultation on the draft Design Guide to seeking formal comments on this important planning guidance document.

Responses to the proposals in this consultation document will inform the final version of the SPD which is planned to be reported to the Council for adoption in May/June 2020.