Our offices are now closed to help protect our community and staff

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice and Information

Here you will find the latest advice from GOV.UK and the NHS.

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.

Somerset West and Taunton Council will preserve critical services, safeguard the public, and ensure our most vulnerable residents are supported. The situation is subject to change based on the latest advice from Public Health England.

SignHealth is a charity dedicated to making sure Deaf people get the same sort of access as hearing people to healthcare and health information. See sign language videos with information about coronavirus.

Here is a message from the Leader of Somerset West and Taunton Council, Cllr Federica Smith-Roberts.


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There has been a significant increase in coronavirus related frauds.

Follow these tips for staying safe when online:

Watch out for scam messages

Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details

Shopping online

If you’re making a purchase from a company or person you don’t know and trust, carry out some research first, and ask a friend or family member for advice before completing the purchase. Where possible, use a credit card to make the payment, as most major credit card providers insure online purchases.

Protect your devices from the latest threats

Always install the latest software and app updates to protect your devices from the latest threats

Top pieces of advice to stop fraud

  • Check that the message makes sense: This applies not only to the grammar and spelling, but also to the message as a whole – does what you are being asked to do sound right? Would that person typically ask you to do this action in this way?
  • Always confirm that a message is genuine by calling the person or organisation involved: Avoid using any numbers featured in the correspondence, look these up separately
  • Never click on links and attachments, unless you are 100% sure that they have been verified: There is almost always another way to check (e.g. by using your web browser)
  • Stop and think before engaging with any correspondence: This applies not only to emails but to calls/texts/social media messages. Criminals look to apply pressure in some way to force people into making mistakes, so take a step back, don’t be rushed, and get a clear perspective.
  • Only use official sources (e.g. Government website) for information around Coronavirus
  • Watch out for fake login pages/URL spoofing: When visiting a page/logging in, check the URL in the address bar to ensure that you’re on the correct page, and everything operates as it should do. For added piece of mind, you can bookmark important sites and only visit those sites via that bookmark.

More information

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released a great article which you can find on their website.


If you have been a victim of a cyber crime, please report it to Action Fraud, which is the UK’s national cyber crime reporting portal. You can make a report by telephoning 0300 123 2040 or on their website.

Reporting helps build intelligence for law enforcement, which can aid investigations as well as informational campaigns to prevent others from becoming victims.

Action Fraud operates a 24/7 live cyber reporting line for organisations.

Businesses are advised to keep updated on the latest information and advice to inform their responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Here are the latest links for advice, support and guidance.

Download our Financial Support for Business Guide

Small Business Grant Fund and Retail Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund payment

Guidance to employers and businesses about COVID-19

Support for those affected by COVID-19

Supporting Business Loans Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Remote Working Advice Toolkit

Heart of the South West Growth Hub - Guidance for Business

COVID-19 Advice and Support for Employees

The Government's COVID-19 Business Support Website

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme offers loans of up to 5 million for SMEs through the British Business Bank - Loans will be interest free for the first 6 months.  Please visit the British Business Bank website for details

A new lending facility from the Bank of England to help support liquidity among larger firms, helping them bridge coronavirus disruption to their cash flows through loans, further details are available from the Bank of England website. 

If you would like help to interpret Government guidelines on apprenticeships or would like to consider skilling up during this challenging time, please the Skill Up Somerset team.  You can email m.howard@skillupws.org.uk or call 07395796297 or you can view the Skill Up Somerset website


We have processed the first 246 Small business and retail, hospitality and leisure businesses grants requests today, amounting to £3.04m. These payments should be in the bank accounts of the businesses concerned on Tuesday; to provide much needed support in these difficult times.

We are processing grant requests in the order in which we have  received them and will be making further payments each working day until all eligible businesses, that have provided the necessary information,  have been paid. We will send an email to each eligible business once their claim has been passed for payment so they know the money is on its way.

For eligible businesses that have not yet provided the necessary information to obtain a grant you can find out more and upload your details via this link on our website  


The Government have announced a number of measures to assist Business Rate customers.

Business Rates Customers

Business Rates holiday for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses

The Government has introduced a business rates holiday for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in England for the 2020 to 2021 tax year.

You are eligible for the business rates holiday if your business is in the retail, hospitality and/or leisure sector.

Properties that will benefit from the relief will be occupied hereditaments that are wholly or mainly being used:

  • as shops, restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments, cinemas and live music venues
  • for assembly and leisure e.g. sports grounds, gyms, museums
  • as hotels, guest and boarding premises and self-catering accommodation
  • for providing services to visiting members of the public e.g. travel agents, estate agents, hairdressers, funeral directors

In March 2020 the Council issued eligible bills with 50% retail discount, prior to for COVID-19 support for business measures being announced.

There is no action for you to take. We are currently applying the increased retail discount to eligible accounts. See the lists below of businesses with discount awarded.

We will issue you with a new bill in due course. You do not need to contact us to apply unless you have not previously claimed retail discount – if this is the case please contact us by email: revenues@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk

The guidance we are following is available in the expanded retail discount guidance.

Grants for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses

The Retail and Hospitality Grant Scheme provides businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors with a cash grant of up to £25,000 per property.

Businesses in these sectors with a property that has a rateable value of £15,000 and under will receive a grant of £10,000.

Businesses in these sectors with a property that has a rateable value of between £15,001 and £51,000 will receive a grant of £25,000.

You are eligible for the grant if your business is in the retail, hospitality and/or leisure sector, and your business would have qualified for the retail discount on 11 March 2020.

Properties that will benefit from the relief will be occupied hereditaments that are wholly or mainly being used:

  • as shops, restaurants, cafes, drinking establishments, cinemas and live music venues
  • for assembly and leisure e.g. sports grounds, gyms, museums
  • as hotels, guest and boarding premises and self-catering accommodation
  • for providing services to visiting members of the public e.g. travel agents, estate agents, hairdressers, funeral directors

We have received guidance on Tuesday 24 March, and are now in the process of implementing the scheme in line with this guidance. This may take a few days but please be assured we are prioritising this work.

We will contact you if you are eligible for this grant to request essential information. The Council will receive funding from Government for these grants by 1 April. We plan to make the grant payments to eligible businesses in early April, as soon as we have your correct payment details. The grant will be subject to state aid limitations which for grants to support cash flow in response to COVID-19 is set at 800,000 Euros. You will need to tell us if you receive multiple grants that would mean this limit is exceeded and may therefore not be eligible.

FAQs for the above grant funding schemes

Pub discount

Following an announcement on the 17 March 2020, pub discount no longer applies as we expect businesses will be eligible for retail discount, however we are awaiting further guidance before being able to make the amendments to accounts. You do not need to contact us unless you have not previously claimed pub or retail discount. We will issue you with a new bill in due course when the change have been applied.

Business Rates holiday for nurseries

The Government has introduced a business rates holiday for nurseries for the 2020 to 2021 tax year.

You are eligible for the relief if you are a provider on Ofsted’s Early Years Register and your property is wholly or mainly used for the provision of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Government published nursery discount guidance for local authorities on 20 March 2020.

There is no action for you. We will make the necessary changes and reissue your bill as soon as possible.

The grant will be subject to state aid limitations which for grants to support cash flow in response to COVID-19 is set at 800,000 Euros. You will need to tell us if you receive multiple grants that would mean this limit is exceeded and may therefore not be eligible.

Grants for Small Businesses

We will provide a Small Business Grant Scheme to support small businesses that already pay little or no business rates because of Small Business Rate Relief, Rural Rate Relief and tapered relief.

Eligible businesses will receive a grant of £10,000.

We have received guidance on Tuesday 24 March, and are now in the process of implementing the scheme in line with this guidance. This may take a few days but we are prioritising this work.

We will contact you if you are eligible for this grant to request essential information. The Council will receive funding from Government for these grants by 1 April. We plan to make the grant payments in early April, as soon as we have your correct payment details. The grant will be subject to state aid limitations.

If you are struggling to pay your business rates please contact the Revenues Department: revenues@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk 

For more information on support for businesses, please visit COVID-19 Support for Businesses

SWT is working with partner organisations across the county to identify and support the network of volunteers offering help to the elderly, people self-isolating, and those identified as at risk across our communities. The Council would like to thank all those that have come forward with offers of help and would remind everyone to only make essential outings and follow advice on social distancing to reduce the risk of transmission. Information on local community groups you can volunteer with or get help from.

£275,000 raised for Somerset Coronavirus Appeal

Please view our Coronavirus community support pack

If you have received a letter from the NHS telling you that you're clinically extremely vulnerable, you can register on the gov.uk website to get support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person.

If you are Somerset West and Taunton Council tenant who needs help applying for the temporary jobs, please get in touch on employment@inspired2achieve.net or call 01935404075 

Council Tax Customers

We know some of our customers will have difficulty paying their Council Tax because of Covid-19. They may have permanently, or temporarily, lost their job, stopped their self-employment or had their pay cut. We will work with those customers to help find a solution. Please get in touch.

We have stopped bailiff action and won’t send any reminders until the end of June, so this is one less thing customers need to worry about at this time. We will keep reviewing this as the crisis evolves.

For Council Tax payers of working age, who receive Council Tax Support during 2020/21, we have received money from the Government to award an extra reduction of up to £150 to their Council Tax account. You don’t need to apply for this. We will make the changes for you.

We are working hard to make this additional award to eligible Council Tax accounts and send new bills out to customers quickly.

In our Council Tax Support scheme we apply a Minimum Income Floor (MIF) for self-employed customers who have been in business for more than 12 months. This means we work out the earnings for self-employed customers using the National Minimum wage based on a normal 37 hour week regardless of the declared net profit. We will remove the MIF from 1 April 2020 and work out income based on actual circumstances and will review this at the end of June 2020. We will send these customers a new Council Tax bill.

This means self-employed people could get more Council Tax Support and more people will qualify for this – ring us if you think you now qualify for Council Tax Support because of this change.

If the impact of Covid-19 means you are no longer working as self-employed please contact us on 0300 304 8000 and we will discuss your claim and remove your declared income until you receive the Government help for self-employed or you can return to work.

If you are making a claim for Universal Credit and you are liable for Council Tax please contact us to make a claim for Council Tax Support. Normally we receive a notice from the Department for Work and Pensions once you receive Universal Credit. This can take several weeks so we are asking you to call our Benefit Case Managers immediately to see if we can award you any help with your Council Tax quickly. We will carry out a telephone claim and award support based on your income until we get your Universal Credit award details.

If you are not claiming Universal Credit you can apply for Council Tax Support directly from the Council. Please call our Benefit Case Managers on 0300 304 8000 where we will go through a claim with you over the telephone. You can also apply online.

Customers who can pay their Council Tax must do so in the usual way. We will still collect Direct Debit payments as set out on your Council Tax bill.

While we have closed our offices we can still take payments over the phone. This may be helpful for customers who don’t pay by direct debit and who are self-isolating.

We would also remind you all Council Tax payers can pay Council Tax over 12 Months (rather than 10), from April through to the following March. This is a good option for reducing the amount you have to pay each month. If you would like to do this please let us know and we’ll be happy to sort this out for you.

The message for anyone struggling to pay their Council Tax is to contact us.

It's important to keep up to date with the latest information and advice from the government.

We understand that some customers may struggle to make payments due to the economic impact of the Covid 19 emergency.

The Council has therefore suspended action to enforce the payment of overdue amounts at this time. This includes suspending action by our enforcement agents (bailiffs). We will still issue bills and invoices and may contact you to discuss payment options for overdue amounts.

If you are able to make payment please do so, as public finances both nationally and locally will be stretched over the coming months. Please make payments via our website or by telephone 0300 304 8000 or contact us if you wish to set up a direct debit. Please do NOT send us cheques, as we are not currently receiving post.

Please contact us where you are experiencing difficulty in making payment so that we can agree alternative arrangements with you. We will look to agree arrangements with you that take account of your circumstances. This may include rescheduling or delaying payment.

Council Tax and Business Rates

We will continue to issue bills and collect direct debits for Council Tax and Business Rates. If wish to change your payments please telephone 0300 304 8000 or e-mail revenues@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk

Emergency measures to help Council Tax and Business Rate payers

The government have also announced a range of emergency measures to provide financial assistance to Council Tax and Business Rate payers. See the Council Tax and Business Rate advice section on this page.

Council Tax Support

You can claim Council Tax Support if you need help paying your Council Tax.

Sundry Debts and Benefit Overpayments

We will continue to issue invoices and collect direct debits. If wish to change your payments please telephone 0300 304 8000 or e-mail income@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk


Letters have been sent out to all tenants recently but if you still have concerns or queries please telephone 0300 304 8000 and ask Customer Services to put you through to a Rent Officer.

We are continuing to charge rent as normal and tenants need to continue to pay their rent in full where possible.

Paying as much as you are able to is better than paying nothing at all - we would encourage all tenants to continue to do this to reduce any arrears and to avoid any action in the future. We know some tenants may need help from benefits to do this.

All our tenants affected by Coronavirus will be protected from eviction for three months. However, any arrears will continue to increase if you don’t pay your rent and any tenant in arrears should talk to us if they are unable to pay.

Any tenant worried about falling into arrears because they cannot pay us in the short term because of Coronavirus, it is important that they speak to us as soon as possible.

Help with paying your Rent

If you need help with paying your rent and you are of working age, you need to claim Universal Credit, if you are not already claiming Housing Benefit. You can do this online at gov.uk/universal-credit.

If you are of state pension age, you can claim Housing Benefit.

Where you receive Council Tax Support, Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you may also qualify for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

For free independent advice please contact:

Many people will be concerned as to whether those who are homeless and rough sleepers are being supported during these challenging times. The Council is working closely with partners, the voluntary sector and others to offer self-contained accommodation to rough sleepers and many people currently living in homeless hostels so that they are able to self-isolate. This work has progressed rapidly and we have a number of accommodation providers who we are working with to provide solutions shortly and we are grateful for their support.

If you are homeless - call the Freephone number 0808 164 5186

Homefinder service

SWT have taken the decision to currently suspend the advertising and letting of new properties on Homefinder Somerset. We have taken this decision in order to respect the current government advice regarding self-isolation and social distancing. We are currently focusing efforts on providing emergency accommodation required at this current time. We apologise for any disappointment or delays with the letting of new properties, the scheme still remains open for the administration of applications and providing advice.

Accommodation providers – can you help?

Despite the above steps, the Council continues to need access to suitable self-contained accommodation and we are appealing to B&B and other accommodation establishments including holiday accommodations as well as Private rented accommodation which could be used to temporarily or permanently re-house some of our Customers. If you can help please contact us on 0300 304 8000

Are you worried about domestic abuse?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse contact the Somerset Domestic Abuse Support helpline: 0800 694 9999 or email Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service General Enquiries: heretohelp@livewest.co.uk Opening Hours - 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday/Sunday.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please always call the Police on 999.

We are taking measures to safeguard the public and ensure our most vulnerable residents are supported while continuing to provide critical services.

Customers can help us through this unprecedented time by using our online services and not communicating via paper post as far as possible

This is particularly important for the planning service where we would encourage you to use the Planning Portal to submit applications or email planning@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk for advice.

Maintaining the momentum in planning is considered an essential service that we will continue to provide.

Our Officers will often be able to carry out site visits without needing to directly access properties. Should such access be required they will call ahead and ask without needing to enter any homes or meet with you.

Officers will not be attending non-essential meetings and wherever possible will be undertaking phone conversations and conference calls rather than face to face meetings.

There are no immediate plans to cancel statutory committee meetings but the situation is subject to change based on the latest Government advice. Arrangements will be made for determining  planning  applications and we will update this information as this becomes clearer.

If you have any enquiry with regard to this information please email planning@somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk or telephone 01823 219147

Invoice Payments

The Council would like to be supportive as we can through this challenging time, and we ensuring we are following guidance from the government as the situation continues to develop.

We appreciate that business cash flows may be impacted at this time. In response, we will endeavour to ensure all invoices for supplies of goods and services to the Council will be paid within 14 days rather than our standard 30 day terms.


It is absolutely crucial that you do not continue to work and instead, stay at home for a minimum of 7 days, if you experience either of the following:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

If someone you live with someone who experiences those symptoms, you must stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms.

General advice can be found on the Coronavirus COVID-19 List of Guidance here.

We understand that many of you will struggle to make ends meet during this challenging time. However, our entire community must work together to combat the spread of the virus and you must not work if you need to self-isolate. If we discover that you have deliberately not self-isolated when you should, we will instigate disciplinary action against you and seek to revoke your licence.

Reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus or becoming infected

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, you have a responsibility to keep safe yourself and anyone who may come into contact with your business.

The guidance from the Government is "frequently clean and disinfect objects and
surfaces that are touched regularly, using your standard cleaning products".

The Government guidance for employers and businesses can be read in full here.

There is also guidance for the transport sector around what to do if you think
someone you are carrying is infected.

Ideally, every vehicle should be disinfected after every hiring, but this is clearly not practically possible. However, it is possible to ensure that some form of cleaning of obvious areas takes place e.g. door handles, seat belts and buckles
and any other obvious hard surface that may have been touched by a passenger.

This would include areas that may have been infected following a passenger coughing or sneezing such as physical divisions between the front and rear of the vehicle, the rear of front seats and so on.

At this time, we should all be diligent with our hygiene and cleanliness, particularly because the symptoms of coronavirus are not always visible until days after a person becomes infected. Here are some things we would recommend, where possible:

When customers contact you to make a booking, check they are not

  • Displaying the symptoms previously mentioned;
  • Encourage customers to pay by card;
  • Ask customers to sit in the back of the vehicle;
  • Ask customers if they are able to load their own luggage/belongings, if they are able. If they can’t, wipe the any handles before and after loading them into your vehicle.

Refusing to carry a person who is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus

A taxi driver can only refuse to carry a passenger if they have a ‘reasonable
excuse’, as per section 53 of the Town police Clauses Act 1847.

We consider it reasonable for you to refuse to carry a passenger (or passengers)
if they are displaying symptoms of the coronavirus. If you need to do this, please
be polite, explain your reasons for doing so and do your best to help that person
find an alternative way of getting home.

The Council would like to be as supportive as we can through this challenging time and we are ensuring we follow guidance from the government as this situation continues to develop.  As a landlord, our main priority is to protect the wellbeing of our tenants and this means reducing the risk of spreading the virus.  Therefore we have immediately put in place measures to limit non-essential face to face contact and where-ever possible we will engage with you by phone, text, email or in writing instead in order to operate our usual services.

Update: 19 March 2020

We are moving to an emergency only repairs service until further notice, in line with the government’s advice on avoiding non-essential contact to help contain the spread of Coronavirus.

We will still attend in an emergency situation. Examples of this could include loss of water supply, loss of electricity, a gas leak, annual gas check, blocked toilet facilities on your only WC, or a collapsed or dangerous ceiling. Please refer to your tenant’s handbook for a full list of emergency jobs.

To report an emergency, please call the usual number 0300 304 8000

If tenant has confirmed case of Coronavirus or is showing symptoms, we may instigate a work around from outside the property to keep you safe, and then attend once you are outside the 14 day self-isolation period.

If we do have to enter the property in an emergency situation, we will ask you to go into another room whilst we make the repair. We will wash our hands before entering, and wipe down any surface before we leave.

We will continue to carry out jobs outside such as fencing, guttering and roofing.

Repairs and Maintenance

The Coronavirus could mean we have some workers absent from work due to sickness which will put added pressure on the Council. The Council is looking at how best it can continue to provide services over the coming weeks and months in the likelihood of a reduced workforce. This might mean we have to give priority to emergency repairs, for example: major electrical faults, no heating or no hot water. We will continue to ensure all other repairs are completed within a reasonable time but some repairs that are less urgent may have to wait a bit longer than usual. We will continue to undertake our normal safety checks such as gas servicing. Please see our housing repairs web page for further information.

If we are visiting to undertake a repair, or for any other reason, we will contact you prior to the visit to assess whether any member of the household has coronavirus symptoms or have needed to self-isolate, so we can respond accordingly.

Elderly and other vulnerable tenants effected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will be undertaking welfare checks by phone to our older and more vulnerable tenants, particularly those living alone.   During these calls we will look to ensure that you are getting the help and support you need.  However if you are elderly and alone and need support from us, then please contact us on 0300 304 8000.

The Council also commissions Mind to provide support to our tenants.  Mindline is their emotional support helpline and can be called on 01823 276892.  Please let them know you are a tenant of the council, if you need to call them.

Support with Rent Payments

It is important that all tenants continue to pay their rent on time.  If you have been affected by Coronavirus or self-isolation and this has impacted on your income, you may need to contact us for further support.  If you are claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you should contact us on 0300 304 8000.  If you are claiming Universal Credit and/or other benefits you should contact the DWP via their website www.gov.uk at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you are unable to pay your rent to us, then it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible on 0300 304 8000 so that we can discuss this further with you.

It is very easy for tenants to pay their rent without having to leave the house.  We encourage all tenants to set up a Direct Debit, which is the simplest way to pay and this can be done by asking us to set this up by calling on 0300 304 8000. 

Tenants are also able to pay online at our website www.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk or through our automated payment line on 0300 304 8000.

Use of Meeting Halls

To reduce the risk of spreading the virus we need to stop the use of meeting halls with immediate effect and therefore until further notice, these should now no longer be used by tenants or any other parties.

What if a member of my family contracts the Corona virus?

If you or any member of your household suspect you have the virus, you will all need to self-isolate for 14 days, seek information online or contact 111 to give you further advice.

We would advise all tenants to follow the latest advice and guidance from government.  The NHS website has excellent advice on what to do in these circumstances and so does Public Health England: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


How we will keep you up-to-date with further changes

We will continue to update our website which will include a specific page on the Coronavirus for our tenants.  www.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk

We urge all tenants to monitor this for any further changes.  We will also provide updates through our social media channels www.Twitter.com/SWTCouncil and www.facebook.com/SWTCouncil

All of Somerset’s 16 Recycling Centres are now closed until further notice, following the latest Government advice on avoiding non-essential contact and travel, and the challenges of ensuring public and staff safety at the busy sites where physical distancing is difficult.

Disruption to SWP services

We are working hard with partners and contractors to keep services going, with collection crews classed as key workers providing an essential service.

  • Suspended - all garden waste collections until further notice. Subscribers are advised to leave the waste in their green bin until collections resume.
  • Suspended - new requests for bins, recycling boxes and food waste caddies. Teams will try to deliver those already ordered, but no new requests will be accepted for the time being.
  • Suspended – bulky waste collections.

Update: Coronavirus-related staff shortages mean that if recycling collections are missed, we cannot make return pick-ups. If you are missed, do not leave containers out or report it; take everything in and put it out again the following week. To help crews: rinse containers, squash all but glass and aerosols, flatten and tear up card, sort-segregate materials without using carrier bags, and put out by 7am. All food waste must go in the food waste bin.

Guidance for the public

The Partnership is asking for the public’s patience and understanding and requesting that people:

  • Hold on to garden waste until the centres reopen. Home composting of grass cutting and hedge trimming may be an option for some and advice on this can be found here (www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/home-composting/)
  • Hold on to any bulky waste items and other materials until the centres reopen.
  • Do not leave waste outside the centres – Leaving waste outside centres or elsewhere is fly tipping, a criminal offence for which people can be prosecuted.

Please check www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/coronavirus for latest information about service disruptions and guidance about disposing of any personal waste – like tissues or disposable cleaning cloths - that might be contaminated.

Please follow @somersetwaste on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.