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Annual billing

We have issued the 2020-21 Council Tax, Business Rates and rent bills.

This page gives you information about your annual bills.

Direct Debit

If you were paying by Direct Debit last year and haven't cancelled it, you don’t need to set it up again, your Direct Debit details will carry over to your new bill.

If you want to set up a new Direct Debit or make changes to your existing Direct Debit (eg change the date or account) please call us on 0300 304 8000.

Switch to paperless billing

Sign up for paperless billing to get your council tax or business rates bills by email. 

Change of circumstance

If you recently told us about a change in your circumstances and your bill dated 24 February 2020 does not include this change we will send you another bill showing the correct details soon.

Your council tax bill explained

All important information is explained on your bill. Check our guide to understand your council tax bill.

Council tax increase

Your council tax pays for local services in your community such as schools, libraries, police and waste collection.

Federica Smith-Roberts, the Leader of the Council explains why the Somerset West and Taunton Council portion of your council tax increased this year and the Council’s goals in her letter to tax payers. For more details see budget proposal.

Adult social care

Somerset County Council have been given the power to charge for adult social care, as well as their usual council tax charge. To find out more about this charge see your council tax bill explained.

Business Rates calculation

Your business rates bill is calculated by multiplying your rateable value by the relevant multiplier. For 2020-21 the multipliers have been set by central government as 49.9p for Small Businesses and 51.2p for large businesses. For more details see business rates calculation.

New rent charges

We have sent letters to all tenants advising of their new rent charges which will take affect from 6 April 2020, to set up payment for your rent visit paying your rent or service charge.