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Council tax calculation

The amount of council tax you have to pay depends on your property’s ‘valuation band’. These bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency based on how much your property was worth on 1 April 1991, not its current value. The lower the value of your home, the less you will normally pay.

You can check your Council tax band on the website.

Once you know the property band, you can find out the amount of council tax you have to pay (before any reductions) for the area you live in. 

How we can lower your bill

We can reduce your council tax bill by awarding:

  • a discount – your council tax bill assumes there are at least two adults living in your home. If only one adult lives there, we can lower the council tax by 25 per cent. Some people are not counted as living in a property for council tax purposes. This means that if there is more than one adult living in your home, you could still get a discount
  • an exemption – some properties are free from council tax
  • Council tax support – for people on low incomes
  • a disabled persons band reduction because an adult or child living in the home needs to use a wheelchair indoors. They may also need a special room within the house because of their disability

One or more of these reductions may apply to your home.