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Council tax exemptions

Care Leavers Exemption from 1 Apr 2023

From 1 April 2023 the qualifying criteria for exempting care leavers from paying Council Tax are being aligned across the new Somerset Council area. For more details please see the Somerset County Council website.

Some properties are exempt from council tax. This means the owner does not have to pay the charge.

You may not have to pay if your property is not lived in and:

  • it is owned by a charity
  • it was left unoccupied by a student
  • it has been repossessed
  • it is being held by a bankrupt’s trustee
  • it is a caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • living there is reserved for a minister of religion
  • the occupant is now in prison
  • the occupant is now in a care home or hostel
  • the occupant has left to receive or provide care elsewhere
  • the former occupant has died
  • living there is forbidden by law
  • planning law stops an annexe being let

You may not have to pay if your property is only lived in by:

  • students or is a student hall of residence 
  • people aged under 18 years
  • people with severe mental impairment 
  • a diplomat and their dependants
  • a dependant relative in an annexe
  • visiting Armed Forces personnel or is used for Armed Forces accommodation

Some exemptions are time-limited and exceptions may apply.

The person responsible for paying council tax must complete the below discount/exemption claim form if they want to apply.