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Switch to paperless billing

Sign up for paperless billing to get your council tax or business rates bills by email.

You can sign up for paperless billing at any time.


Paperless billing is a faster, more efficient and convenient way to receive and check your council tax or business rates bills. Here are some of the advantages:

  • you can view your bills electronically
  • you always know where your bills are
  • you can download and print your bill if needed, for example to show proof of address
  • it helps us cut down printing and postage costs so we have more money to spend on other services

How to sign up

Use our online forms to sign up for paperless billing. Please give the details as shown on your current bill.

You will need to give us:

  • your personal details (name and address)
  • business details (only for business rates paperless billing)
  • your account number (council tax or business rates – it’s at the top right of your bill)
  • email address we can send your bills to

We will compare the details from your online form with our database and if they match we will send your next bill by email. If the details don’t match we will contact you and explain what to do next.

If there are other people named on your bill they will continue to get a paper bill until you are all signed up for paperless billing.

How we use your information

The information you give to sign up for paperless billing will be held within our Revenues and Benefits records. Only trained and qualified staff will have access to your information.

See our corporate privacy and security to find out more.

How to cancel paperless billing

You can cancel you paperless billing at any time. Use the general enquiry online form or call 0300 304 8000 if you want to receive your bills by post.

We are always looking to improve our services, if you decide to cancel your paperless billing please tell us why.