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The law allows us to impose a penalty of £70 on any council tax payer who fails to tell us:

  • they don’t qualify for a single person discount
  • they don’t qualify for an exemption on a home
  • they don’t qualify for a discount
  • about a change of address within 21 days or as soon as possible
  • about a change as to who’s liable
  • what we need to know so we can check who’s liable
  • what we ask for after we get a liability order

After we’ve applied a penalty we can ask for the same information. If you don’t give us the details we can add extra penalties of £280 every time you fail to give us that information.

When we apply a penalty, we will add the amount to your council tax and send you a new bill. If you disagree with a penalty, contact us using the general enquiries online form.

You can also appeal direct to a Valuation Tribunal Service. You must do this within two months of the date we apply the penalty.

If you do appeal, you do not have to pay your penalty until your appeal is decided.

You can report a change of circumstances or report a change for benefits.