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What's in your bill

This guide will help you to understand where to find your council tax:

  • account number
  • account banding
  • instalments and how you pay

How your charge is worked out

This image shows an example council tax bill. Each numbered section is explained in detail after the image.

Example Council Tax bill 2021-22
  1. This will tell you if you are a Direct Debit payer or not. If you’re not it will tell you how to set one up
  2. This is the date we sent your bill. Any payments made after this date will not be shown
  3. This is your property valuation band. To understand your band please visit the Valuation Office Agency website
  4. This is your account number. You will need this to talk to us about your bill or to make a payment online
  5. This is how your charge is made up and the percentage change from last year. For more information see Your council tax bill explained
  6. This will show any exemptions or discounts you are getting
  7. This is the total amount you have to pay for the year
  8. This will show you how you pay your bill, for example Direct Debit. If you do not currently pay by Direct Debit and want to, please complete a Direct Debit mandate and upload it to the general enquiries online form
  9. This will show your monthly instalments and the amount payable
  10. This is the bar code if you wish to make payment at an Allpay outlet