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Acuity are carrying out tenant telephone surveys 14 to 26 November 2022 on our behalf. If you receive a call from Acuity the number displayed will be 01273 093 939.

Installing your Helpline

The standard Lifeline equipment will need to be installed in your home. Our Helpline staff will arrange this with you.
You will need to make sure your home has these before we get started:

  • a phone socket on the wall (usually a BT type)
  • a mains electric socket (240v) - which must not be more than 9 feet (2.7 metres) away from the phone socket
  • both sockets must be on the SAME wall

Lifeline Officers will ask you if you have any other items connected to the phone line eg telephones, faxes, computers and Sky TV. If you have more than 4 this will overload your phone line. Each bit of equipment will have its own REN value either on a sticker or in the brochure supplied with it. If you exceed the REN limit it will affect the household telephone line and may result in the Lifeline equipment not working. 

The Lifeline can be returned to the Deane Helpline Control Centre if it’s no longer needed. One of our officers can collect it if arrangements are made. The account won’t be cancelled until the Lifeline equipment is returned.

We do have to charge for replacing lost or damaged equipment.

We’ll acknowledge a written complaint to Deane Helpline in 10 working days. This will be in full or a holding reply letting you know when we plan to answer in more detail. You can get more information about Deane Helpline by calling the Control Centre on 01823 257185.

Complaints and compliments