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Using the Deane Helpline

When you press the red button on the Lifeline unit the call goes straight to the Deane Helpline Control Centre in Taunton we’ll take the action that’s most suitable.

If the person has fallen or if there is no response, the operator will call the Emergency Response Officer or your named contact, perhaps a neighbour or relative, to attend.

Important: All our visiting staff carry identification, so do ask to see it and call our Control Centre phone number if you are not sure.

If named contacts are not available our Emergency Response Officer will be called out. When they arrive at a client's home our officer will see what the problem is and take suitable action. If extra help is needed we will call out a second Emergency Response Officer, doctor or ambulance.

We have both male and female Emergency Response Officers who are trained in first aid and have special lifting equipment. They aren’t medically qualified. Calls are recorded for statistical information, service review and for an accurate record.

Sometimes the Control Centre will get calls triggered by accident via the Lifeline pendant or the unit. Don’t worry if it happens, just tell the operator that you are alright and it was a mistake. The operator will close the call and your unit will return to stand-by.

If there is an electrical power cut the Lifeline unit will work for up to 36 hours with the red light flashing and it may beep.

If there’s no dialling tone on your phone you may have a line fault. Just let your phone provider know or call the Deane Helpline Control Centre on 01823 257185.