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Annual canvass

We must, by law, check the register of electors each year by sending a canvass communication form to every household in the council area. This is known as the annual canvass.

The form will list everyone currently registered to vote at the property and information on how to respond will be on the form.

The canvass runs from August to the end of November.

The electoral register is published each year on 1 December. If you are not on the electoral register you will lose your right to vote and it can affect your credit rating.

Check your form

If you have received a Canvass Communication Form for your property please follow the instructions on the form. If a response is requested, this can be done online at or you can call 0800 197 9871. Alternatively you can add, delete or amend any details on the form and return it to us. We will then invite each new individual to register to vote or take steps to delete those no longer resident.

If a response is requested, anyone in the household can complete the form and are requested to do so as soon as possible, even if there are no changes to be made. If you do not respond, you’ll be sent a reminder and you are at risk of being removed from the register.

Please help us to keep costs down by responding promptly.