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Contaminated land

Over the years land has been used for industrial and commercial activities. Some processes used, or produced, substances that could harm health or the environment if they contaminate the site.

We must maintain a register of contaminated land sites where formal action has been taken as defined in law. There are currently no contaminated sites registered. The register will be updated if any relevant action is taken. Further information about contaminated land can be found on the website.

We must inspect the area for potentially contaminated land. If any sites are found to be contaminated, as defined in legislation, we will consult those responsible to arrange a voluntary clean-up of the site. If this approach does not work we have the power to take legal action so the necessary work is carried out. If a site is identified the polluter or landowner must take responsibility for any action.

The Contaminated Land Strategies that cover the Somerset West and Taunton Council area were produced by Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset Council. These set out the approach to identifying land that may be contaminated. Reviews have been produced giving details of the progress of the work that has been carried out.

Former Taunton Deane and West Somerset related polices and strategies

We provide information and advice for our planners about the likelihood of contamination on a site and reviewing information provided by developers. On any potentially contaminated site the developer is responsible for providing a site investigation and risk assessment and, if any remedial works are carried out, these must ensure the site is suitable for the proposed use

Laws and regulation