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Environmental permits

Businesses must have a permit to control certain polluting activities. The permits will have conditions to control the level of smells and pollutant emissions.

Local authorities regulate smaller installations, such as concrete batching, vehicle respraying and petrol stations; the Environment Agency oversees larger sites.

We have produced a list of premises that are permitted by Somerset West and Taunton Council.

If you're planning to carry out an activity in Somerset West and Taunton that needs a permit you should contact us using our general enquiries online form for details regarding how to apply.

The government produces guidance on the regulations and the processes that are covered.  This can be found at DEFRA guidance on Local Authority Pollution Control (LAPC) regime.

The Fees and Charges are set out by central government.  Details of all charges can be found in the LAPPC charges summary.

Laws and regulation

The Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 give details of the activities that are required to have a permit.