Fees and charges for private water supply

The list of fees and charges for private water supply work for Somerset West and Taunton Council from 1 April 2019.

Service Our fee Notes
Risk assessment

We charge an hourly rate of £62. A typical risk assessment at 2 hours will total £124, plus analysis costs.

Time taken to inspect a supply including background research, travel time and admin.

The average time is 2 hours at £124

Sampling visit £62 per hour plus analysis costs We charge for a visit and to take a sample
Investigation £62 per hour plus analysis costs This is carried out by us in the event of the failure of a supply to meet the required standard
Authorisation £62 per hour x time Application by the owner of a supply for permission from us to continue supplying water of a lower quality temporarily whilst remedial work is carried out on the supply
Sample analysis for small or domestic supplies £22.10* Where a supply provides less than 10m3 per day or less than 50 people and is used for domestic purposes
Large or commercial supplies - check Monitoring Regulation 9 £39.80* per supply, plus additional parameters based on risk and size of supply We check monitoring is carried out to ensure that water complies with the standards. Where possible it should be carried out at the same time as any requirement for audit monitoring, to keep costs down
Audit monitoring £29.75* Fee set by Somerset Scientific Services
Advisory visits Charged at £62 per hour  
Requests for Environmental Information Charged at £65 per request Requests for environmental information, including requests from solicitors and searches for contaminated land
  1. Our hourly officer rate is £62
  2. The sampling cost is not applied to risk assessment

* charges set by Somerset Scientific Services are likely to increase by 2.5% to 3.5% in 2019/20.