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Noise, smoke and other nuisance

We can investigate complaints about noise, smoke, dust, smells, light and insect nuisance and accumulations of rubbish.

Examples of complaints that we get include:

  • noise from homes - such as loud music, barking dogs, burglar alarms and late-night parties
  • noise  from businesses including factory noise, deliveries, building sites and music from pubs and clubs
  • smoke from bonfires
  • fumes or smells from businesses
  • dust from construction sites
  • smells from accumulations of rubbish

There are some noise and other problems that are not likely to be able to be dealt with as a nuisance:

  • one-off parties
  • neighbours arguing
  • a baby crying
  • a dog barking from time to time
  • unsightly gardens

No house or flat is totally sound proof and we can all be affected by neighbour noise from time to time.

It may be worth trying to talk to neighbours if you feel they are causing a problem. Be calm and polite and listen to their point of view. Try to come up with an answer that makes both of you happy.

If that does not work, we can investigate your complaint. We will need your name, address and contact details and details of where the noise or nuisance is coming from. We will then contact the person or company causing the problem. If this does not resolve the problem we will ask you to keep a record of the problems over three weeks. This should include:

  • a description of the noise or nuisance and how it affects you in your home or garden
  • the dates the noise disturbs you
  • the times the noise starts and stops

If you would like us to investigate your complaint, please provide the details of the problem, where the nuisance is coming from and your details using our general enquiries online form. If you do not provide your details the complaint will not be investigated.

If a bonfire is causing so much smoke that it threatens road safety, please contact the police. If the fire is a danger to properties call the Fire Brigade.