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Private water supply

A private water supply is not provided by a water company. In rural areas, the only source of drinking water is often a private supply.

It might serve just one property or supply many properties via a network of pipes and reservoirs. The source can be a spring, well, borehole, pond or stream.

Sampling and testing

Good water quality is important for everyday life and every house must have a supply of clean, fresh water to be fit to live in. We provide a statutory service for sampling and risk assessing private water supplies in the Somerset West and Taunton area in accordance with the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2016 and the Private Water Supplies (Amendment) Regulations 2018. We also monitor the quality of public mains supplies.

The costs for sampling will be passed on to the owner/person responsible for the supply.

We will contact owners or users of private water supplies to let them know when a water test or risk assessment is due.

We also provide information about temporary drinking water supplies at events.