Garden Town

The vision for our Garden Town

We want to make sure that our Vision for Taunton as a Garden Town is shared and owned by everyone with a stake in its future.

‘Taunton will be a flourishing, distinctive and healthy county town where we all enjoy an exceptional quality of life and are proud to live’.

The story so far

Taunton was designated a Garden Town in 2017. Since then we’ve gone out to our community in a number of ways:

  • garden town ‘listening events’
  • targeted workshops with groups and those with specific interests
  • garden town visioning event

We have set out five themes:

We want our town to be recognised for culture, arts, education, excellence in sports, health and well-being We want to make the most of our natural environment and green spaces.

We aim to give our town a green makeover, joining up our open spaces, waterways, parks and play areas, planting more trees in our streets and woodlands and managing water imaginatively.

We want to integrate our transport network with improved bus services and improve provision for walkers and cyclists, encouraging healthier, sustainable journeys.

Taunton aims to have high quality neighbourhoods, green streets and public spaces. We aim to make the most of what’s new, be energy efficient and harness modern sustainable technologies.

We want Taunton to champion new ideas, emerging technologies and lead in a digital world.

Next steps

The Vision is the start of work on Taunton Garden Town. It will be backed by a delivery plan and influence the emerging Local Plan and new Urban Development Framework and Design Guide.