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Harbour moorings

Here you will find more information about the harbour regulations and how to apply for a harbour mooring or a slipway permit.

Waiting list for moorings at Minehead

If you want to put your name down on the waiting list for a mooring. Please contact the harbour master using the details below.

We also provide a copy of the harbour rules.


If you want to apply for an annual slipway permit or a daily/weekly pass. Please contact the harbour master using the details below to arrange payment via a card reader.

A receipt will be supplied on payment.

Proof of a valid insurance certificate is required


All mooring holders must be insured to cover third party claims when in the harbour or parked on any property owned or managed by Somerset West and Taunton Council.

Oil spill

Boat owners must, by law, have effective ways of controlling any oil spills that may happen when bunkering. You must take particular care when you discharge bilges that might contain oil substances.

Change of vessel/mooring

You must notify us of any change of vessel on a harbour mooring. Moorings are not transferable.

If want to move your vessel, you must first get permission from the harbour master. If they agree to the move, you must apply to us.

Renew your mooring place

If you already have a mooring and want to renew it, you can complete the book a mooring in Minehead Harbour online form below.

If you are granted a mooring it’s for your use only. If a mooring has not been used by the authorised person for 12 months the mooring will be considered vacant. The Harbour Master can move the mooring to the next suitable candidate (by length or width of boat) on the waiting list.

Contact details

For all harbour enquiries for Minehead harbour and Watchet outer harbour. Please contact the harbour master email or Tel: 0779 945 6128