Environmental monitoring

With the construction of the two European Pressurised Reactors (EPR) at Hinkley Point C came with it a number of environmental concerns and especially the dust and noise emissions from this large construction site. Planning conditions were agreed with EDF Energy for an environmental monitoring scheme to monitor the noise, dust and particulate matter emissions around the southern boundary of the site where nearest residential properties are located.

Four EDF Energy environmental monitoring stations record real-time the dust within the fractions PM10, PM2.5 and TSP plus also sound pressure levels. There are trigger levels set that align to the construction management plans that require action(s) by EDF Energy to mitigate. There are also higher level triggers that if exceeded require EDF to investigate / notify this Council.

The schemes were intended to help minimise impacts and help prevent nuisance complaints of dust / noise. The number of complaints reported to EDF Energy within the last quarter is shown in the Community relations report. To help understand the type of works and their impacts on-site in any month, EDF Energy also publish a monthly Look Ahead report. For more detail on specific plans we would also refer you to the planning section of our website.