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Mutual exchange or home swap

A home swap helps you find another home by exchanging with another tenant. It’s useful if you haven’t got a high priority on Homefinder Somerset.

You can swap with other Somerset West and Taunton tenants or a tenant from another housing association or local authority. Log on to Homefinder Somerset to find out more.

You’ll need our permission and consent from the other landlord before you exchange. You can swap if you meet the legal conditions.

You can be refused an exchange. The most common reasons include:

  • either of the tenants has an outstanding possession order against them or a Notice of Seeking Possession is in force due to breach of tenancy conditions or rent arrears
  • nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • damage to property or any furniture provided
  • false information provided with application for housing
  • the property is far bigger than the incoming tenant needs
  • the home doesn’t suit the incoming tenant
  • the home is designed for tenants with special needs or who are physically disabled, and the incoming tenant wouldn’t need these features
  • an injunction, demotion order, ASBO or possession order has been granted on the grounds of nuisance, or if related court action is pending

Home swap appeals

If you think your home swap application has been turned down unfairly, you can appeal.

Note: The property’s inside condition, including any previous tenants’ additions or improvements, is your responsibility when your new tenancy starts. You should keep your home up to a high standard. We’ll inspect your property before an exchange happens. We’ll only look at doing repairs, work or replace items caused by fair wear and tear. We may charge for any other work. You should get written confirmation from the existing tenant about the improvements, additions, fixtures and fittings they are going to remove when you agree to a home swap.