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Planning inquiry - Land at Dene Road, Cotford St Luke starts on 6 December at 10am.

One Teams

SWT are committed to supporting tenants by working with other agencies in the local community. By working together with local schools, health, community centres, PCSOs and other partners we hope to enhance the community where our tenants live. For further information on one teams across the county, please visit One Teams Somerset.

We support others working with individual tenants and focus on community development. The One Teams are based in Halcon, North Taunton, Wellington and West Somerset. Below are the coordinators.


Peter Joint

Peter Joint is the one team coordinator for Wellington and West Somerset (Minehead and Williton).

You can contact Peter on or 07824 373 978.

Richard Shadwick

Richard Shadwick is the one team coordinator for Halcon.

You can contact Richard on or 07899 857 284.

Angela Bolitho

Angela Bolitho is the one team coordinator for North Taunton.

You can contact Angela on or 07824 373 977.