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Planning inquiry - Land at Dene Road, Cotford St Luke starts on 6 December at 10am.

Recycle More and storage of recycling materials for collection

For some council tenants, waste storage can be a problem. This is particularly the case for people living in some of our communal properties such as blocks of flats.

The Somerset Waste Partnership recognises that for tenants living in our communal properties, larger communal bins may need to be provided, or in some cases that the ‘Recycle More’ service may not be possible. They are assessing communal sites for suitability and where collections are problematic, they are reviewing these on a case by case basis. See the Somerset Waste Partnership website for more details. 

It is really important to us that we continue to enforce our rules on keeping communal areas clear of objects, so as to prevent the risk of fire. Waste and recycling needs to be stored away from buildings and especially away from doors, windows and escape routes.

If you live in blocks of flats and are finding that there is no longer adequate space to store recycling materials prior to collection, please contact us by using the general enquiries online form or calling 0300 304 8000.

You can also contact your Tenancy Officer / Supported Housing Officer who will review the site with Somerset Waste Partnership to consider alternative storage arrangements.

Where we are unable to find solutions with the Somerset Waste Partnership, we will do a survey to identify measures to address any existing fire-risks around current storage arrangements and for waste storage areas that may need to be moved or expanded. Due to competing priorities to deliver repairs and new housing, a programme of physical improvements to waste storage sites will not be deliverable in the short term.”