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Check your housing choices

We’re here to help to find what sort of housing you could get. You may want to rent or buy. You could be without a home or living somewhere that’s not suitable. Our free housing advice service is for everyone in Somerset West and Taunton. This includes people who are looking for somewhere to live, tenants who rent their home from a private landlord or housing association, homeowners and private landlords.

Mutual Exchange

If you rent your home from a council or housing association you can swap your home with someone else who also rents their home from a council or housing association. This is called a mutual exchange.

You can register with one of the following services to swap your home. Please check with your landlord as you may be able to register for free with one of these services. For the swap to go ahead you will need permission from your landlord and the landlord of the person you are swapping with.

Homefinder Somerset

You can apply to Homefinder Somerset if you are:

  • able to show that you have local connections
  • over the age of 16
  • resident in the UK
  • not subject to immigration control

Once registered you are put in bronze, silver or gold band depending on your situation and your need.

Please note that the ID requirement must be provided within 28 days of your application.

Along with housing associations, we advertise vacant properties each week. Each week you can express an interest in up to 3 properties you qualify for.

There is a shortage of social housing and the demand is high. Homefinder is a longer term solution if you’re homeless. If you are threatened with homelessness there’s advice on our homelessness webpage. Our staff have close links with private landlords and can help if you’re looking for a private rented home.


We also provide a service if you’re homeless or about to become homeless. Possibilities include ARC or a private rented home. In some cases we can provide emergency and temporary accommodation if you qualify.