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Homelessness support

For tenants

Are you worried about how you may pay your rent or mortgage? Will friends or family ask you to leave when current restrictions are lifted? Have you or do you think you might lose accommodation tied to your job or are you in an abusive relationship feeling like there is no way out? If you live in the District or have a local connection here, then we have a team of Professional, experienced and knowledgeable officers who are available to give assistance, support and advice whatever the circumstances. Please do not struggle alone we are ready and happy to help. Please contact the team on 0300 304 8000.

For landlords

Are you struggling with tenancy issues? Have your tenants failed to pay rent or are they not adhering to their tenancy conditions? We have a dedicated team to support Private Sector Landlords with tenancy issues where this may lead to homelessness. We can help to resolve these issues and engage tenants with appropriate assistance and support to ensure the smooth running of tenancies for both tenant and landlord to avoid costly evictions. Do not hesitate to contact us today to be allocated a dedicated Officer who will work with you to help resolve any of your tenancy issues.

If you have accommodation that is empty and ready to let we also have a number of clients we are working with who are looking for accommodation, these clients are assessed and checked and affordability determined to ensure we are helping you to create sustainable tenancies and will remain available throughout the length of the tenancy to provide advice and assistance as and when required. Please contact the team on 0300 304 8000.

We work with anyone who is homeless or threatened with homelessness to try to help them to stay in their homes or to find somewhere else to live. Please contact us using the general enquiries online form and we will look at your situation to see what help we can offer you.

If we can't prevent you becoming homeless, we will help you look for somewhere else to live. We’ll also draw up a personal homeless plan, tailored to your circumstances.

Homeless application

An appointment will be made for you to see an officer. This will be a same day appointment if you are homeless on that day. A homeless application form will be completed and all your options discussed. A homelessness assessment will cover the following points as required by law:

Eligible for assistance

Some groups of people who have lived abroad are not entitled to help if they are homeless. We will check if you are subject to immigration control.

Homeless or threatened with homelessness

We must check whether you are legally classed as homeless before we can decide what help you are entitled to. In deciding whether you are homeless, the Council has to look at any accommodation you may have access to.

Priority need

You will be in priority need if one of the people included in your application falls into one of the priority need groups:

  • pregnant women
  • people responsible for dependent children
  • people who are particularly vulnerable as a result of old age, mental illness or handicap, physical disability or other special reason
  • people who are made homeless by fire or flood
  • a person aged 21 or under who is vulnerable as a result of having been looked after, accommodated or fostered
  • a person aged 16 or 17 who is not a ‘relevant child’ or child in need
  • other vulnerabilities as defined by the current homeless legislation and case law

If you are eligible, homeless and in priority need we may have to provide you with temporary accommodation which is usually bed and breakfast.

Intentionally homeless

We have to make enquiries into the reasons you became homeless. We look at whether you deliberately did (or didn't do) something that led you to leave where you were living and where you could have stayed if it was reasonable for you to stay there.

This may include:

  • not paying your rent or mortgage when you could have afforded to
  • being evicted for antisocial behaviour
  • leaving a home where you could have stayed

Once a full assessment has been carried out we’ll write to you to say:

  • what decision we have made
  • what duties are owed to you
  • why the decision was made and
  • that you have a right to ask for a review of a decision and how you can do so

For further information or if you need help because you might become homeless, contact us on 0300 304 8000.