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Any asbestos in your council home will be enclosed within whatever product it was used in, vinyl floor tiles, for instance. It will only become a risk when these products get damaged.

Even experts can struggle to determine whether a product contains asbestos just by simply looking at it, this is why we take samples for laboratory analysis.

If items in your home which contain, or you suspect may contain asbestos, have been damaged or deteriorated, do not touch them. Do not attempt to clean them up, contact us immediately on 0300 304 8000 and we’ll get someone out to inspect it.

If you have asbestos in your home

  • treat any asbestos containing material with respect and tell us if you believe it has been damaged or deteriorated in any way
  • contact us before you do any DIY in your home which might affect asbestos-containing materials
  • remember, only a specialist contractor can remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials
  • don’t worry – asbestos-containing materials are only a problem if they get damaged or are disturbed
  • don’t drill, sand, cut or disturb an area that is known to contain asbestos. If you don’t breathe in asbestos dust, then it can’t harm you
  • never sweep, dust or vacuum disturbed asbestos