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Fire safety

To protect you and your family, you need should not only understand how to prevent a fire, but what to do in the event of a fire, whether it’s in your house, flat or elsewhere in the building.

  • a smoke alarm should be fitted in each level of the property. You should test this regularly
  • plan your escape route. Be sure you are able to exit your home easily without looking for keys and ensure exit routes are clear within your home and communal corridors
  • never use the lift if your building has one
  • keep a torch by the door
  • close all internal doors at night, particularly the kitchen door
  • switch off and unplug any unnecessary electrical appliances at night

Building your evacuation plan

Buildings other than houses will have fire action notices displayed in communal areas. All our flat blocks will have been subject to a Fire Risk Assessment.

If you live in a house or flat that is on fire or affected by smoke, your evacuation strategy will always be to immediately leave, ensuring that you close the door behind you.

Flat blocks are designed to contain fire within the flat where it started. This limits the spread of fire to other flats and communal areas, allowing you and your family to Stay Safe.

Once the fire service arrive on site, you must follow any instructions they give.