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Gas safety

If you think there's a gas leak dial 0800 111999 straight away. 

If you smell gas

Open the doors and windows and leave your home. An engineer should arrive within the hour. You should also:

  • extinguish all naked flames
  • do not operate any electrical appliances or turn any switches on or off
  • keep people away from the area

Gas safety tips

If you are worried about gas safety, you can call a council gas safety officer on 0300 304 8000

  • never use a gas appliance you believe is faulty
  • if there is a yellow or orange flame, soot or stains around the appliance, or the pilot light keeps going out, let us know straight away so we can check it’s safe
  • never cover an appliance or block air vents or outside flues
  • don’t fit draught excluders or double glazing to rooms containing a gas appliance without providing further ventilation

We service all our gas boilers on an annual basis. We’ll contact you to let you know when your check is due. It’s really important that this happens every year, so please let us know if you can’t make the appointment.

Private rented advice

In general, your landlord/agent must arrange a gas safety check every year of any gas appliances they provide, such as a gas boiler or gas heater. These checks are carried out by a registered gas safe engineer and you must be given a copy of the gas safe record at the start of your tenancy and within 28 days of each gas safety check.

A gas safe engineer may disconnect a gas appliance and even arrange for the gas supply to be disconnected if there are serious issues found. If there are any works required then the landlord has to arrange for those and you as a tenant must give access for the works to take place. You landlord/agent will give you at least 24 hours’ written notice to access your home at a reasonable time (or less notice if it’s an urgent or serious repair).

If your landlord/agent hasn’t arranged for a gas safety check or you haven’t received a gas safe record from your landlord, then Shelter provide standard letters on their website that you can use to write to them.

If, after writing to the landlord/agent, a copy of the gas safety check or gas safety record isn’t provided then, as a tenant, you can report this to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

If you are a tenant living in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) that is licensed then, a yearly gas safety check and record of the check is also part of the licence we issue and you can report this to us to follow up once you have written (email, letter or text) to your landlord/agent. Use our general enquiries online form to report it to us.