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Keeping your home in good repair

Reporting repairs

Please help to keep your home up to a high standard: reporting repairs as soon as possible.

Please check Covid-19 housing advice for up-to-date information about which repairs we are currently able to carry out due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

We are responsible for:

  • external decorating. If you want to do any external painting, for example, outside doors you will need our written permission before starting. Certain types of doors cannot be painted
  • individual garages and blocks of garages, forecourts, access roads and some shared footpaths
  • external stores and sheds provided by us 
  • Chain-link fences, except for the fencing between tenanted properties
  • ensuring the structure including any fixtures and fittings we provide

We don’t insure your contents and personal possessions. We strongly advise you to insure these yourself.

Your responsibilities

Under the tenancy agreement you must look after the internal decorations and repairs set out in your tenancy agreement. If you damage or neglect your property

Keeping your home in good repair you’ll have to pay the full cost of the work. We won’t repair installations fitted by you or those left by previous tenants especially if a home swap has taken place.

You are responsible for:

  • all internal decoration
  • carrying out small repairs such as adjusting cupboard catches, fitting new plugs and chains and filling minor cracks in plaster to walls and ceilings
  • keeping your garden tidy and free from rubbish
  • cutting grass, keeping hedges trimmed and trees pruned
  • letting contractors into your home to carry out essential safety inspections
  • washing machine flexible connections to internal plumbing
  • adjustments to internal doors to allow for your carpets
  • fitting extra 13amp sockets
  • the flexible connection plus bayonet connection to gas cooker
  • fluorescent tube or bulb replacement or cooker hood filters
  • sink, bath and basin waste plug and chain
  • satellite and Freeview repairs
  • TV aerials on houses or bungalows
  • toilet seats

Important reminder loft space

We would like to remind you that the loft space is not part of the living space of your home and must not be used for storing items. The loft space should not be accessed and should be kept clear at all times. This applies to individual property loft spaces as well as communal areas.

Somerset West and Taunton Council Officers or their nominated contractors will need to gain access to the loft space to inspect and maintain it when necessary. The loft space needs to be clear in order to do this. If any damage occurs from your use of the loft, then that damage will be rechargeable. More importantly:

  • storing items in the loft space can be a fire and health and safety risk
  • the ceiling joists are not designed to carry the same weight as floors within your home
  • storing items can crush insulation which could increase the risk of condensation and black mould within your home

Please do find alternative storage elsewhere in your home and keep the loft clear.