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Water safety

The risk of legionella within your home is very low, but following these simple precautions will help keep you stay safe:

  • if you have been on holiday, or away from home for a few days, you should always run showers, taps and garden hose pipes at a very low rate of flow (dribbling) for 1 minute to avoid aerosol spray generation. Afterwards, you should increase flow rate for a further 4-minutes
  • always keep shower heads and taps free of lime-scale build-up, mould or algae, clean them thoroughly monthly using a baby sterilising solution.
  • if you have stored hot water cylinder, keep your hot water stored at 60°C, but be careful of scolding
  • always remove a hose from its take and allow the water in the hose to run away to prevent water being stored inside and allowed to heat up with the sun
  • if you have a paddling, swimming or spa pool in your garden keep it topped up with the correct chemicals or empty it daily.