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If you are privately renting and are unsure what you or your landlord are responsible for then check out our advice on the private renting page.

If you have checked and your landlord/agent is responsible then you must report the problem in writing (email, letter or text) to them straightaway and give them a reasonable time to fix it. A reasonable time will depend on the problem that needs fixing. For example, for a broken boiler, a reasonable time would be 24-48 hours.

It is important you report it straightaway as if the problem gets worse because you didn’t report it and it causes damage then you landlord/agent may say you are responsible for any damage caused. Keep a record of all your contact with the landlord/agent about the repair and chase up the repair with them if they don’t take any action.

As a tenant you may report issues to your landlord/agent such as:

  • problems with heating or hot water
  • repair issues with baths, showers, sinks or basins
  • faulty electrics
  • broken gutters, pipes or drains
  • broken parts of the property eg windows, doors, ceilings, roof, chimney, internal staircase, etc
  • repairs in hallways shared with others or staircases in a block of flats

If you are unsure what to write to your landlord or agent then a sample letter is available on the Shelter website helping you to ask for a repair.

Chase up the repair with them if they don’t take any action. If your landlord/agent does not fix it then report it to us with a copy of what you have sent your landlord/agent and we can follow it up. Fill out a general enquiry form to report it to us.

You can also use this online checker to find out how to get something fixed by your landlord or letting agent and what to do if they are not responding to your requests.