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Electrical safety

All landlords have to make sure that electrical installations in rented properties are safe. This applied to new tenancies from 1 July 2020 and now also applies to existing tenancies as of 1 April 2021. This includes getting an electrical safety report (typically an electrical installation condition report or EICR) at least every five years.

Landlords must give tenants a copy of the report:

  • for new tenants, before they start their tenancy
  • for prospective tenants, within 28 days of receiving a request
  • for existing tenants, within 28 days of the inspection and test

Landlords must also send Somerset West and Taunton a copy of the report within 7 days if we ask for it and retain a copy of the report to provide to an inspector who will undertake the next inspection and test.

If the electrical safety report shows that work is needed to make the electrical installations safe, a landlord must:

  • Do this work within 28 days, or the timeframe specified in the report, if that's shorter.
  • Send SWT evidence that the work has been done, along with the original electrical safety report, within 28 days of the work being completed.
  • Give the tenant written confirmation of the work being done, also within 28 days of the works being completed.

All reports and evidence of work done must be sent to

The full guidance for electrical safety standards, can be found on at