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Income and arrears management

Every year the Council raises bills and invoices in excess of 215 million as well as dealing with customers in arrears in excess of 17 million.

We are committed to the highest standards of openness and accountability. This policy provides an overview of how we look to maximise our income, so the Councils can delivery of key services, whilst identifying and helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

The Policy is underpinned by an extensive list of overarching principles and the Council will look to:

  • make sure the correct reductions are awarded and benefit entitlements are claimed
  • identifying customer vulnerability at its earliest stage and acting or responding appropriately
  • signpost to external advice agencies for help
  • take prompt recovery action before debts become unmanageable
  • adopt a clear hierarchy to prioritise collection
  • offer a wide range of payment methods
  • taking a commercial approach when coordinating income collection
  • applying costs, fees or penalties and recovering in accordance with law and policy
  • issue all documentation in plain language and provide free translation and interpreting services
  • transferring customer credit balances to reduce any other amount they may owe
  • produce accurate and timely management information
  • recognise that failure to recover monies due impacts on the Council’s ability to provide key services, only in exceptional circumstances will write off amounts owed

We openly publish our Income and Arrears Management Policy and if anyone has any concerns or just wishes to provide feedback we would like to hear from you by using our general enquiries form.

Income and arrears management policy